What was the reason for this Verdict in the Election 2009?

Finally the verdict is here - the UPA swept the polls. There would be some analysis, some axes and some serious ponders over what happened and what went wrong for the other parties, including the BJP and the NDA. But the verdict is there and none can question it now.
What did the brave citizens of India vote for this elections? Was it terrorism, administration, a charismatic leader or, something else.
It was probably stability!
I as an Indian am fed up with the calculator politics and the uncertainty that surrounds every government that is formed at the center. A few handful greedy politicians lend their support to the governments on the pretext of getting a lucrative position and then when they are dissatisfied, withdraw their support to find the government hanging in imbalance.
Then comes another elections or, a vote-of-confidence and this in turn means unnecessary wastage of resources and money - my hard-earned money which should otherwise have gone into development activities.
Mr. Manmohan Singh, for gods sake, please do something for the development of the country, to protect us from terrorists and to protect us from the leaders whose wealth would otherwise grow 300 times than what they have today - like how it happened 5 years back.
What do you think is the reason for this verdict?
Cast your polls today...