What was the reason for this Verdict in the Election 2009?

The results in the Jammu and Kashmir polls was a welcome change in politics. It finally seems that the older generation is handing over the reins of politics to the younger one. In one of my earlier blogs I had mentioned about Barack Obama and the need for such a leader in India. It finally seems that India is getting such leaders.
The verdict also finally showed that the extremists and hardliners in the valley have finally been defeated. There was much hype till about a few days back that the people of Kashmir wanted an independent governance and that the hardliners would win if there were elections held. The voter turnout in Kashmir was at an all time high of about 64% which showed that the people of Kashmir wanted a chance to voice their opinion.
Omar Abdullah, the CM-to-be of Kashmir is the youngest Chief Minister in India. His first press conference was also impressive and when he said, "I have to bring governance back on track which has come to a halt after the summer turmoil and then model code of conduct. Unlike my predecessors, I would have to devote less time on security situation and would have a more comfortable cushion to focus on governance. The voters want basic stuff, like good roads, safe drinking water in taps, electricity at a decent price. My style is simple. I don’t believe in revenge, so you would not see arrests. There will be no massive transfers because I don’t expect officials to swear in the name of National Conference. I won’t be corrupt, so I can catch those who are".
Isn't that impressive for a young Chief Minister?

It sounds funny most of the times when you read about a murder by an MLA and you start to wonder as to what is the ream meaning of an MLA - is it "Men Leading Atrocities"? Probably that is what it. Add to this, the fact that stupid Chief Ministers who aspire to be the Prime Minister of India supporting them and the story is complete.
A leading newspaper reported that of all the BSP MLAs in UP, there are about 67 who have criminal records. When the newspapers know this, would it be possible that the Prime Minister aspirant would not know this. When the whole world knows this, why is it that the election commission not acting on this?
At the first place should such people with criminal records be allowed to contest elections? Our election commission says that no one can be called a criminal till such time the crime is proved. But has our judiciary ever been able to punish one such politician on any criminal offences. So when such punishments would not happen, then such criminals would contest elections and win. If your question is, how do they win, then the answer is not difficult. Just visit one such polling booths and see for yourself.
This has to change somewhere. If the judiciary cannot punish them, then the election commission should bring some changes in its rules and laws. It should not allow anybody who has a criminal complaint against him and is under investigation to contest elections. The Judiciary will also have to change. What to change is something that I will have to leave to the imagination of the legal intellects.
This time round the murderous MLA was Shekhar Tewari. He allegedly lynched a PWD engineer to death only because the engineer denied a couple of lakh rupees as contribution to for PM aspirant, Chief Minister of UP, Mayawati's birthday celebrations which has always been a gala affair. What's more, the next day the chief minister comes out with a statement defending her able MLA, saying that the murder was a result of internal enemity in the PWD. What more can you expect from a person who has earlier stooped to such low that she tried to prevent a Youth Congress leader from entering one of the colleges in UP only because she wanted to prove her supremacy.

It is not new for our politicians to cash in on any controversy. Be it Lalu Prasad Yadav, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan (who otherwise is not heard of ever) etc. are among a few who have been using this to their advantage. A few renowned personalities (never heard off, to be true) from the Left parties are always ready to pounce on any such contorversial comments that can lead them to glory.
These politicians are very smart some way at least. They would wait for some time after somebody has made a controversial statement or, remark. They wait to see the number of people for it and against it. If he number of people for it is high, they would go out with a statement favoring the group that is against it, else they would do otherwise. That ways they know that the news channels would keep flashing their names for the comments that they make and thus stay in people's minds. To say the truth, that is the only way they have to stay in people's minds because they would hardly have done something for the constituency that they were elected for.
Now take for example the idiotic comment made by the Minor Minister (I would prefer to call him so instead of the Minority Minister) Mr. Antulay. He found quite a few takers from here and there. Needless to mention here that all takers and supporters to his comments came from the category that we discussed above. Having said that, the truth still remains that Antulay is not alone. There are quite a few idiots ready to join his bandwagon.

If you ask even a kid today as to what is the height of idiocy, he would point to a politician addressing a press in the television. I wonder if sell their brains also in order to make some extra money because that is the kind of impression that they give most of the times.
Take, for example the case of our honorable Minority Affairs minister, A.R.Antulay. For no rhyme or, reason, he went on to state that the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare, the martyr at the Mumbai terror attacks, should be investigated to find if he had fallen prey to a setup. He went on to question the reason behind Mr. Karkare going to Cama hospital and also hinted that even some of the top officials in the department could be involved. Doesn't it seem that the minority affairs minister is minority in brains.
As soon as these foolish politicians have figured out that everything is back to normalcy and people are slowing forgetting the incident, they have started coming out with such follish remarks, questioning the intergrity of the ones who were at the forefront in protecting us. Where were these idiots when the terrorists were holding the public at ransom.
Mr. Antulay, it is time to rest. Please let the ables ones rule the affairs of the country.

A few months back when I first wrote about the cash-for-vote scam where MPs were shown holding bundles of currencies in the parliament accusing a few opposition party MPs of trying to bribe them to vote for the government in the no-confidence motion voting, I also wrote that there is nothing that is going to be done of these accused MPs.
The verdict is finally in. A panel of committee specially set-up for the investigation finally adjudged Amar Singh the main accused in the scam, not guilty. That stamped the fact that in India, no politicians can be punished.
I wonder why we spend so much money on these committees and investigations. We should rather dismiss these cases at the onset itself, so that at least we save on this money (hard earned money of ours that we pay as tax) and use that in some other better way. Here again, one would question the better way, because the better way would then be into the pockets of these politicians itself.
We need more of the peace march that we did to the Gateway of India after the Mumbai terror attacks. We need a revolution and a revolution can only happen when we, the mob wakes up.

It was good to see the Lok Sabha session today. I wonder what brought the changes - the election results or, the Gateway of India march. Whatever was the reason the change is now imminent and visible. The people wanted to get rid of the corrupt politicians. They wanted actions against the insensitive politicians who couldn't stand by their people at the time of crisis like in Mumbai and they forced the government to take action.
By going to the polls in huge numbers in the recently concluded Vidhan Sabha elections in 5 states and electing back the governments that have worked towards to the development of the respective states and pulling down the ones that did not, they exhibited the power of democracy. They showed the "Good-for-nothing" politicians that they have a choice and that they know what their rights are. They can make or, break the ones who they feel should be governing their country and protecting them. It was the power of the mass.
This brought about was a sudden shift in the stance of the opposition as well. The opposition who had always demanded resignation from the governments who were in power when anything like that of the Mumbai incident happened, now went on to say that they stand by whatever the government will do towards countering the attack of terrorism. When Mr. L.K.Advani, the leader of the opposition and the BJP candidate for the post of PM in the Lok Sabha polls ahead, was showering praises on the things that the government has done to counter terrorism and the investigations that they were doing to find the culprits at the Mumbai terror attacks, for a minute anybody would have felt - "Yes, My Minister, You can do it".

Do you remember the name Sharad Yadav? Probably you won't. Even if you do you would not remember his face. Let me remind you.
He was once the President of the Janata Dal (United) in 1998, probably. I do not even recollect the year and very few people would, except for the ones who had to learn this again and again for some competitive exams. Do you find a reason why the terrorists would attack this no more useless politician?
When this "NETA" of ours was asked if he would sacrifice his security for the security of the citizen of his country, he was at loss of words initially. Then he goes on to say, "Your question itself is baseless. How would anybody's security affect the security of the citizen?" I pray that he should have been staying in "The Taj Hotel" during the terrorist attack. He would have got his answer.
Another politician Sajjan Kumar, who is under trial for several murder charges against him has about 12 people as security personnel around him. The irony is the fact that he is not even a minister.
A look at the statistics on the security cover being provided to our politicians reveals some startling facts:
Total expenditure on security - Rs. 250 Crores per annum
Total personnel involved - more than 15,000 (Out of these about 1400 are specially trained NSG commandos)
Politicians who are not serving ministers are many amongs these who are provided this security. An excerpt from "The Times of India" -

{Over Rs 250 crore is spent on VIP protection — including VIPs like Deve Gowda, Amar Singh, Ram Vilas Paswan, Sajjan Kumar, B L Joshi, R L Bhatia, Sharad Yadav, Rameshwar Thakur, E Ahmad, Murli Manohar Joshi, Brij Bhushan Sharan and Pramod Tiwari. Most of these worthies are said to be facing little real risk. It's also questionable whether lakhs of rupees should be spent on the protection of some others, like Sajjan Kumar, who have murder cases against them.
The explosion of VIP security has led to a ridiculous situation in which commandos meant for anti-terror operations have been diverted to protect politicians. The NSG, set up in 1984 for anti-hijack and anti-terror operations, has two wings--the Special Action Group (SAG), comprising army personnel on deputation, and the Special Rangers Group (SRG), comprising personnel from the ITBP, CISF, CRPF, BSF and SSB. More than half of SRG has been diverted to VIP security.
This is in addition to the Special Protection Group (SPG) that is exclusively meant for providing security to the PM, former PMs and members of the Gandhi family. Interestingly, the SPG budget for 2008-09 is Rs 180 crore, up from Rs 117 crore the previous year, while the 2008-09 budget for NSG, which is meant to protect over a billion people from terror, is Rs 158 crore, down from Rs 159 crore crore the previous year.
It's not only the SPG and NSG that protect our netas. In addition to them, every state diverts a sizeable number of policemen for VIP security. In Delhi, where the number of self-important politicians is highest, as many as 14,200 policemen have been deployed on round-the-clock VIP security duty.
VIP security is broken up into five levels — SPG for those at the top of the heap, followed by the Z-plus, Z, Y and X categories. Z-plus security is provided by NSG `black cats' consisting of six personal security officers, two head constables, 12 constables, one escort and one pilot vehicle. Thirty politicians like L K Advani, Mayawati, Narendra Modi, Jayalalithaa, Murli Manohar Joshi, Amar Singh and Paswan are provided this cover.
The pyramid gets wider at the lower level of security — 68 VIPs get Z category protection, 243 get Y category and 81 X category. Of course, all of them get to flash red lights on their cars and flaunt their status, generally viewed as a nuisance by the aam admi . So intrusive is their security that the Delhi high court was recently provoked into saying, ``Politicians are not national assets that need to be protected.''}

When a few of these honorable politicians were asked if they were willing to sacrifice a few of their security men for the security of the citizens, they refused. That is the kind of concern they have their citizens who vote for them and elect them as ministers. Also notable is the fact that all that money that is spent on these rogues is funded by common men like you and me.

When all hell was let loose on the politicians for their spineless behavior during the Mumbai terror attacks, they reacted. They reacted without keeping in mind the fact that they are there just because of us-the common man. They have started assuming themselves as being demi-gods. Like the colossus they feel today. But beware! Oh, netas! It would not take minutes before you would be down on the earth. All that it requires is a determination from the Janta.
These were the reactions of some of our "Netas" -

This honorable minister Muktar Abbas Naqvi did not think twice before he said, “Some women wearing lipstick and powder have taken to the streets in Mumbai and are abusing politicians, thus spreading dissatisfaction against democracy”.
I wish to ask Mr. Naqvi, "Is it that this dissatisfaction developed in just those 60 hrs"? Mr. Naqvi, when you were somewhere in the comforts of your home, it is these 'women wearing lipsticks', that bore the brunt. It is they who lived in terror for more than 60 hrs. You would never realize what terror is when you have 20 guards to protect you.

The Dy.CM of Maharashtra, Mr.R.R.Patil was one step ahead, he went on to say, "
“Itne bade shahar me ekadha hadsa ho jaata hai” meaning that, "it is common for a few such instances to happen in a City so huge". Mr.Patil should have been sent into the Taj Hotel when the security forces were in a combat with the terrorists. he should have asked to negotiate with the terrorists and he would have realized the gravity of the "hadsa". Mr.Patil, if the death of more than 200 people and about 300 others getting injured is a "Normal hadsa" for you, you don't even deserve the grave. Shame of you!

Finally the COWARD as he is Raj Thackeray proved it. He sent his wife out to speak on his behalf. Shame on this entire family. Mrs. Sharmila Thackeray is indeed a true wife. She stands by her husband at all times. She went on to send text messages saying, "
All those who had lost their lives while saving this city are Marathis. MNS workers are busy donating blood, helping police for rescue operations and lifting bodies". How foolish can somebody be? Mrs.Thackeray should get her facts right. Better go and check the records to find how many Marathis lost their lives in saving your Mumbai. If I am to go by what she says, I will have to believe that the NSG and such other forces recruits only Marathis and that Major. Sandeep Unnikrishnan was also a Marathi. But Raj Thackeray indeed proved that he is a proud marathi by attending the funeral for the martyr Hemant Karkar, though he shouldn't even have been allowed to go near. How idiotic can this family be?

The Kerala Chief Minister proved that he is the worst human being that you would ever see. First of all he did not even visit the house of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan in Bangalore, who incidentally is a Malayalee initially, probably because that was the last thing in his agenda. Then when he did visit, he was driven away by the grieving father of the Major. And to this the honorable chief minister reacts saying, "
If it had not been (Major) Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way". Worst that he was not even apologetic about it until he was forced to apologize. A man with a dark heart in a white dress. Mr. Achutananthan, you are no more than a devil - a stupid devil.

For god's sake, I would requrst all our dear Netas to leave the country on its own and go and shove their faces into some dark corners of the world.

After more than 60 hours of terror in Mumbai and a death toll exceeding 200 and more than 250 injured, it is now time for politicizing the issue.
Our politicians are back to their normal games. The first of this was the L.K.Advani, Manmohan Singh split visits to Mumbai each quoting different reasons, then Narendra Modi with his compensation and now the resignations of Home Minister-Shivraj Patil and Maharashtra Dy.CM - R.R.Patil and the Maharashtra C.M.'s offer to resign.
Isn't that brilliant politics? Shivraj Patil took the blame on him and resigned. So will this solve the purpose? Will the people who are dead come back? Or, will the Home minister hang himself for what has happened? If he thinks he is to blame himself for the incident, it means that he is agreeing to the fact that there was laxity in security and that he knew about it. In that case shouldn't he be tried and punished for the incident under section related to homicide. The same should be applicable to the Dy.CM and the CM of Maharashtra. The Dy.CM Mr. R.R.Patil a couple of days back went on to say that the Mumbai incident was a minor incident. Is it because none of his kins died in the incident. The two of these should be hanged in public to whatever they have let happen in Mumbai for the past few months including the bloodbath and acts of the coward Raj Thackeray.
But the objective behind all this is something else. What these political parties are trying to show is that they are really touched by the incident and feel that they are the reason for whatever has happened. This would in turn stimulate a public sentiment, which would in turn mean that they don't loose out too much on the already lost votes, in the Lok Sabha elections that are to come. What a ploy!
Hail politicians in India!
Mr.Politicians, Stop politicizing the incident and stop this resignation drama. Instead take some stern steps on whatever evidence has been gathered reather than issuing useless threats to the neighbors. Implement things that would ensure that no Tom,Dick and Harry can enter our country and keep our security forces at bay for more than 60 hrs.
ACT Minister and politicians!ACT!

The fight is over. Another valiant effort by the "Men in uniform" with an all round support from the citizen of Mumbai, saw the terrorists being gunned down finally after a 56-hour long ordeal. But in the process, if we sit and think about what we gained there would be nothing much. But in terms of losses, we have a lot of talk about.

We lost many able army men and bright and brilliant officers like Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Salaskar and Major Unnikrishnan. The families lost their son, husband and father whom they would always be proud of.

This post is a tribute to the Martyrs of the Mumbai terror attacks, who laid down their lives to ensure that we sleep in peace. I pray to god, only if petty politicians like that Raj Thackeray who was hiding somewhere under the bed along with his coward men, learn from the lessons that these martyrs have taught us - that the nation is always a priority against your self-interests.

As I wrote the last post about the increasing terror attacks in India and the Congress Governments failure in curbing it, little did I knew that, in a couple of days I would be writing about the biggest terror attack ever to happen in India. This time round the attack was so open as if it felt that the terrorists were throwing an open challenge mocking at us and our security systems. The way in which they have launched this attack killing more than 132 people in the process and a few able security personnel, they made a mockery of the security system.
Our honorable Prime Minister was again seen on television, with the same old statements, issuing warning to the neighboring countries who he assumes to have a part in the terror attacks. It is been long that we have been hearing to such statements, Mr. Prime Minister and the consequence is that we have seen the highest number of attacks this year and the highest number of casualties. Our honorable politicians would be considering this attack a blessing in disguise, because they would now have something to talk about as an agenda to their election campaigning. But what is the fate of we civilians.
As we leave our houses to go to work or, spend some time out, we don't even know if we would come back home. How would we, with terrorists roaming on the streets, shooting people at will? Does the Prime Minister have an answer to it? Can he guarantee a safe return for us and our families.
A peek into the terror attacks in the Taj Hotel and Trident Oberoi hotel in Mumbai would show the kind of seriousness that this government has shown towards curbing terrorism. Our ministers keep saying that it is the neighboring country which is sending in infiltrators. If they are so sure about this then why is it that they are unable to find a permanent solution to it. Instead of doing this, they drop open our gates to Samjhauta Expresses and Trains, and in the process kill innocent civilians from both the countries who would never even have thought of the fate awaiting them.
The United States saw one attack on their country and they destroyed nations. Terror in the US is now a distant dream for the terrorists. Here in India, an entire battalion of terrorists capture a couple of 5-star hotels and engage the security forces for almost 2 days. Just imagine the kind of preparation that they would have done. If they were to carry such huge amount of am munitions into a five star hotel, just imagine the apathy of the security checks that we have here in India. After such a terrorizing attack in one of the Metro's in the country, one would be surprised to see the laxed attitude of the security personnel in a Capital city like that of New Delhi.
Will there be an end to this? Why is it that we as the citizens boycott the elections this time round and hold these corrupt politicians at ransom till they provide us with a solution to this?
That's enough now, My Minister, that is enough!!!

A few days back, I was switching through the new channels when I suddenly stopped at this channel that was airing an election campaign speech from the honorable Congress Chairman - Ms. Sonia Gandhi.

An excerpt of what she said -
"Terrorists are terrorists. They have only one religion to spread terror in society,'' she said. "We consider it (terrorism) a national issue and want to take all communities with us to address the problem. We want everybody's support,'' she said at her first public appearance to seek another term for the Congress in Delhi.
"Those who create fear in the name of religion or caste may come to power for some days. But they cannot escape the responsibility of plunging the future of the country into darkness,'' she told the enthusiastic crowd in her Hindi speech.

I just cannot resist from calling her a genuine politician. She is the leader of the same party who in the past few days took a dig at the accused who were all Hindus, in the Malegaon blasts. This very genuine Congress leader never spoke about terrorists ans terrorism till about a few days back. Today because it is elections, she thought that she should touch the most sensitive nerve in the voting banks. In the last part of the speech ,what confused me was the 'Those who'. Who exactly was she referring to - Was it the BJP or, was it the SIMI who was working with the intention of spreading terror in India?

These power thirsty politician are funny in their election campaign speeches. They forget about everything else and are sure to hit the vote bank where it hurts the most.

I am at least happy with Ms. Sonia Gandhi, that she is considering 'terrorism' a national issue. We never knew that the Congress Party ever considered it so, at least from what we have been seeing. A statistics of the blasts in the past few years when the Congress has come to power is as mentioned below;

Year 2005 - 1 blast:

October 29, 2005: Sarojininagar blasts: 61 people were killed in three separate blasts at Sarojini market in New Delhi.

Year 2006 - 3 blasts:

March 7, 2006: Varanasi blasts: 21 persons lost their lives following three blasts

July 11, 2006: Mumbai train blasts: 7 deadly blasts on local trains in which 209 people lost their lives.

September 8, 2006: Malegaon blasts: Two blasts killed 40.

Year 2007 - 4 blasts:

February 19, 2007: Samjhauta Express blasts: 66 persons killed in two blasts on Indo-Pak Samjhauta Express train.

May 18, 2007: Mecca Masjid blasts: 9 persons were killed in a blast at the Mecca Masjid at Hyderabad. 5 persons were killed in police firing which ensued later.

August 25, 2007: Hyderabad twin blasts: 42 persons lost their lives in twin blasts at Lumbini Park and Gokul chaat.

October 11, 2007: Ajmer blasts: Blast at Ajmer dargah kills two

Year 2008 - 9 blasts:

May 13, 2008: Jaipur blasts: Serial blasts at Pink city claims 68 lives.

July 16 2008, Ahmedabad blasts: 57 dead in serial blasts in Ahmedabad.

July 25, 2008: Bangalore blasts: One person dies in Bengaluru serial blasts.

September 13, 2008, New Delhi blasts: Blasts at New Delhi claims 26 lives.

September 27, 2008, Delhi blasts: terror strikes Delhi again in which 3 people were killed.

September 29, 2008, Modasa blast: One killed in blast at Modasa in Gujarat.

September 29, 2008, Malegaon blasts: Five persons killed after bomb placed on a motor bike went off.

October 21, 2008, Imphal blasts: 17 killed in blast near Manipur police commando complex.

October 30, 2008, Assam blasts: Eleven blasts kill over 40 persons in Assam.

The statistics is for anybody to understand about the seriousness of Congress's approach towards "Terrorism" as a National Issue.

A couple of days back, there was this news that our dear prime minister is being given a chartered plane just like that of the Air Force one that belongs to the US president. But it was to be a bit more advanced and luxurious than that of the US president. After all our prime minister is no less than that of the United Stated President. Isn't it?
We are the 2nd largest democracy in the world. That itself calls for an Air Force One like aeroplane for our Prime Minister. But I was wondering about the money that was to be involved in this. Where is it going to come from?
I as a good citizen of my country pay my income tax. Thanks to the tax-system in our country that I end up only getting 71% of what I earn every month. The big fishes in the country end up paying nominal amounts as taxes and we keep wondering as to how is it possible that they are assessed so small an amount. But our Income Tax department doesn't find anything fishy in it.
I travel on 3rd grade roads that get a gutter in it even before the Corporation decides to repair the already existing gutters. Ask them what the problem is and they would answer - it is lack of funds.
I pay 3 times the cost of fuel, just because the government feels that the oil companies in India are still not making any profit. So I have to pay that amount for the fuel that I use, because I am the financier for the oil companies in India.
So, then who is paying for our Prime Minister's chartered plane.
The answer was obvious - it is me. The common man.
As I was digesting this news, I read another news in the newspaper the other day. Another Prime Minister aspirant in my country - Mayawati (chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and the Bahujan Samaj Party Chief) is now planning to buy a chartered plane for herself. She was shown a few, but she wants one that is the best in luxury. Now ask her where the money is coming from and she would answer that it is her hard-earned money. If she as a minister, who gets a disclosed salary that is only 60% of what I am paid every month (and I have not been able to manage a house for myself) how is she able to buy a chartered plane.
Ask the Income Tax department and they think that Mayawati is a good citizen of India and should not be looked upon with suspicion.
The answer to all this is quite obvious and was something that I wrote about in one of my blogs earlier. Yes My Minister.

Elections in my country has taken a new shape altogether. There was a time when candidates were selected on their merits and on the basis of the work they had done in their respective constituencies. This was where the worthless candidates got filtered out and only the worthy candidates remained in the fray.
Those days are now gone. These days the number of candidates aspiring for an election ticket has increased manifold and constituencies have shrunk. So here came the question of abundance. Every political party had to now decide whom to give the ticket to. It is true that when there is abundance, you tend to take unwise decisions. Our political parties have also gone that way.
The method that they have adopted to allot tickets is unique and I am sure no democracy in the world would resort to such a method. These political parties have now started selling tickets. The criteria is still unknown, but from the screams and cries of the candidates who have been left out from the fray, it seems as if these parties are allotting tickets to candidates who bring in the most cash. Isn't that funny?
What is more funnier is the fact that there are certain candidates who are ready to be, borrow or, steal to get the requisite amount arranged. After all the amount of money they can earn after they get a seat is multiple times of what they would be spending now. Isn't is so? The candidate from the constituency that I belong to was too innocent to even accept this. But alas, he couldn't manage a ticket. Probably there was somebody else who was able to manage a bit more of cash than him. Who says there is a recession in the economy and that there is no liquidity in the market? There is enough liquidity, but none has been able to figure out, where.

It was 'Barack Obama' all night long in India on the 4th of November. People were awake and were in front of their television sets listening to the news - wondering as to who is going to win the elections in the United States of America.
One would wonder at the thought of how much the US influences every other country in the world. These people who were awake to find out the result of the US presidential elections, had never shown such an interest in the Lok Sabha elections in India. So what was so interesting about the US elections. I and a financial enthusiast and am on top of everything that happens in the financial markets. Even for me, I couldn't yet find out what was the importance of that election and what was the impact of that election on India. Strange but, true.
When I saw a group of housekeeping staff in my office glued to the huge television set in the office lounge watching the news, I wondered what they were interested in. So I asked one of them, "What is happening out here?". He in a very polite tone replied, "Sir, Osama in contesting elections in America. We want to see if he wins". I just couldn't stop laughing.
So reasons known or, unknown, the US influences every country in the world. Be it the financial breakdown and crisis or, the Presidential elections.

The question still remains, if the Presidential elections has any influence on India. But one thing is for sure, Obama will have an influence. If not on India, at least on a few Indians. As I watched the victory speech of the President elect, not once did I blink my eyes. His speech was so enthralling. The way he kept using "America" and "Yes we can", throughout his speech made me think of the petty politicians like Raj Thackeray and Laloo Yadav, who have still not been able to come out of their Maharashtras and Bihars. Barack Obama's speech at least gave me a reason to respect him. Oh! India only if there was one politician in India who had even 10% of passion that Barack Obama showed, we would have been much better that "America". But alas!!
I should conclude saying, "Yes, Obama".

The Singur saga - this is a saga of a huge auto manufacturer planning to launch a Rs. 1-Lac car called 'NANO' and setting up a plant in a remote village called Singur in West Bengal and then having to decide to pursue their dreams from some other location, thanks to an absolutely useless, good-for-nothing politician.
The adjectives used could sound to be harsh but that was the best that I could use for a villain in an otherwise good story. The Tatas, probably made their worst decisions ever, having decided to set-up the manufacturing facility in a state like that of West Bengal which is a fort to a bunch of good-for-nothing politicians having done nothing to the welfare of the state other than playing petty politics for their vested interests. States like that of Kerala and West Bengal which are amongst the only strong-holds of the Communist Party in India, are reeling with problems of unemployment. But these politicians are the last ones to let any company set-up any organizations in these states. They would start agitations, hartals and strikes even before the facility starts to function, on some petty issue, propelled by some politician in the state who wants to gain popularity through media coverage at least.
Same is the story of Mamta Banerjee - an ex-congressman who when did not achieve her dreams in that party rebelled to form a new party called Trinamool Congress, which was always willing to shake-hands with the parent party Congress, provided they were given a good portfolio. They were even ready to join the opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party, for the same
thing. So what else could you expect of this politician.
As expected she had some petty issues which were blown out of proportion, and a handful of illiterate villagers joined her in her protest not knowing what the consequences would be, only to be followed by a larger group. Their agitation was against the Tata's manufacturing facility in Singur and finally fed-up with all this, the Tatas decided to move the facility to a different state and why would they not do it when there are so many states standing with their arms spread to embrace them.
What resulted was a suicide by a poor farmer, whose bread and butter came from the manufacturing facility.
Are these proteste required? Aren't we being made a fool of by these politicians?

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Relief measures are flowing in for the Bihar flood victims. The United Nations has rushed its agencies to aid the government and independent bodies working to provide relief to the victims. Meanwhile the United Kingdom today announced that it would provide 150,000 pounds (about Rs 1.2 Crore) to help flood victims in Bihar where more than 2.6 million people in 15 districts have been affected.

The British government's Department for International Development (DFID) said it has asked UNICEF to redirect 150,000 pounds of an existing Trust Fund for immediate assistance to those who have been made homeless by the severe floods in the impoverished Indian state.
The funding will be used to supply up to 20 camps, which currently house 10,000 displaced families, with clean water, shelter and sanitation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday undertook an aerial survey of the flood-affected areas in Bihar and announced a relief package of Rs. 1,010 crore.

Dr. Singh declared the floods, caused by a breach in the Kosi embankment displacing over 1.5 million people, a national calamity. He also ordered the release of 1.25 lakh tonnes of foodgrains free of cost for distribution in the flood-hit areas.Terming the Bihar floods as a national calamity, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has announced the immediate release of Rs 1,000-crore flood relief for Bihar.

The Railways will operate 12 new pairs of trains in the affected region to help evacuate people as the situation is likely to worsen with more rains. The effort is to shift people to Saharsa and Purnia.

In this siuation of calamity, it is good to see that the political parties have forgotten their internal differences and are working together towards the relief of the Bihar Kosi Flood victims.

Just search Google with the title of this post and you would find thousands of pictures that are even more hurting than the one you see here. If you are wondering as to what this problem is all about, then before i explain what this is, I should say that this is another face of politics in India.

This entire dispute is about alloting a specific piece of land to a pilgrimage in Jammu, called the Amarnath. The entire row is about this 100 acres of forest land that nobody had claim to. What is worthy of thought is the fact that are we really so much interested in what this land is and why it has been allotted to the pilgrimage? In such a busy life that I lead, where I find it difficult to even bother about my own problems, I would not have time to run after a land allotment, that too to a pilgrimage.

Then how did all this start. This started when a few politicians with vested interests, blowed up the issue to this extent, unnecessarily. Leaders from the valley like Mehbooba Mufti, who have been in politics with a view of deriving personal interests from it were the ones at the forefront of this unnecessary row. What is sad is the fact that these people forget that such small issues, if unnecessarily blown out of proportion could lead to an even bigger problem which would then get out of control of everyone.

Why would they bother? They have never bothered and will never bother because they are not concerned about the country but were always interested in their own personal growth.

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The ethics being practised by the Political Parties in India stooped to a new low during the vote of confidence by the Indian government in the Parliament on 22nd July 2008. There were rumors that money was being offered by certain politicians to MLAs from the opposition to vote for them or, abstain from voting. These news were denied by various sources and the entire nation prayed that these refutals were true.
But that was not to be.
People who watched the live telecast of the vote of confidence in the Parliament witnessed the above picture of one of our Member of Parliament flashing bundles of notes that he claims were offered as "Bribes".
From the next day onwards started balming and counter blaming by the party in power and the opposition parties. Along with it came a few tapes and recordings, whiche were claimed to be spy-videos (which later proved to be fake ones) of people offering and yet others receiving bribes. This went on to such an extent that a few people even started blaming certain political parties to have masterminded a few bomb blasts in the country to distract the attention from the investigations about this cash-for-vote scam. It is a pity that the politicians of a nation, who ideally are the ones responsible for the country, did not have time to weep or, express their condolences to the hundreds who died in these blasts, but found time to gain mileage out of it. Waht a dirty political story is this?

Since the past few days, the No-Confidence motion scheduled to happen in the Parliament on 22nd July was the hottest topic around. Political parties were busy getting their acts together to ensure that their numbers were in place. At the same time, media was also quite busy gathering information about which minister changed parties, who accepted a deal, what was the deal worth and what were the projections like.
So close was this numbers game that the ruling party and the opposition both forgot what ethics were all about and went to the extent of offering huge sum of money to minister to initiate them to vote for their party or, abstain from voting. This was not it. The next level to which these parties went was even worser and showed their real character.
These parties first went to minister who were convicted and were in jail promising them that the legal proceedings against them would be reconsidered and their crime would be forgiven in case they support these parties. In a few of my earlier posts I had written about Surajbhan, Pappu Yadav and other such ministers.
In addition to all this, these convicted ministers were even granted bail to let them participate in the voting to be done in the Lok Sabha. I wonder how the conscience of these parties allow them to do all this. Where is the judiciary? Isn't it the responsibility oft he judiciary to stop all this.

The Lok Sabha is going in for a No-Confidence motion in a few days. The fate of the ruling party and the government is to be decided in this. After a fall-off between the various parties in the ruling coalition government a few parties withdrew support to the ruling coalition and thus the government is now in an unstable state. But what use is this No-Confidence motion?
It is funny when you try to figure out all that is happening in the political circle these days. The ruling party is trying to gather as much support as possible and the opposition is trying to gather as many people as possible to ensure that the government does not win the No-Confidence vote. What could be the extent that these people could go to, to attain their objective? One would not even have imagined it.
The ruling coalition members and the opposition alike are these days very busy bribing Member of Parliaments to support them in the No-Confidence motion. And these members who were once not even considered as valuable ones are these days swinging their support to whichever side is offering them a better package. You should not be surprised when you hear the packages that are being offered as bribes - it could be anything starting from Rs. 25 Crore onwards.
What good is this No-Confidence motion? The very objective of it is defeated. But still our parties are not defying from going ahead and claiming that it is the people's verdict. What is a matter for even more pity is the fact that these politicians cry for cleaning up corruption and bribery from the system and the very constitution is being bribed in order to ensure that a few chair and power hungry idiots stay in power.
Hail Democracy. Yes My Minister

This is a chief minister who has earned millions serving people, or so she says. She has become a multilmillionaire in a period of 3 years and she claims that all of it is legal and were gifts given to her. I wonder who is it that is so generous that he has gifted away millions to a chief minister of a state. Lets take a look at the assets that this humble lady owns:
(this is from the times of india)
  • "74 properties, including 41 agricultural plots, 18 residential plots, 5 forest plots, 7 shops, business and commercial properties, 2 shops-cumresidences, 3 gardens/orchards valued at Rs 7.78 crore.
  • 22 other properties acquired by Mayawati in own name or that of family members, relatives and associates include 4 residential buildings at Inderpuri, Delhi 54 bank accounts and deposits totalling Rs 7.36 crore seized. They were in Mayawati's and her relatives' names.
  • 40 more bank accounts with a deposit of Rs 5.29 crore frozen. These were allegedly used to channel funds into her and her relatives' accounts Mayawati's sister-in-law purchased 60% share in Hotel Shilton, Mussoorie, for Rs 90 lakh.
  • 307 donations/gifts worth Rs 13.18 crore were shown to have been received by Mayawati, her family members and relatives from more than 130 donors 30 donors traced, who said they do not have the means to donate such huge amounts."

Who says politics is not a profession. Indeed it is a profession, that can earn you millions and also give you the power to do anything.

The English left India long back, but it seems still there are people in India who are ardent followers of their principles. An it becomes even more interesting when these people set out to destroy the harmony in the country, that too from a state like that of Maharashtra which was once the home to brave warriors like Chattrapati Shivaji.
Raj Thackeray, is related to Bal Thackeray, who is considered as the uncrowned king of Maharashtra. He has been in the news recently for his remarks on "North Indians". Raj, feels that Maharashtra is the home of Maharashtians and that it is these days being exploited by North Indians. So he wanted to get rid of these North Indians. His remarks caused stated wide protests and riots, but Raj Thackeray is unmindful of all these and kept passing his remarks. After all he has not had to shed a drop of blood.
One would feel for such learned illiterates in the country who does not even know that we have something called as 'freedom of movement'. Every citizen of India can move freely across the country and stay in any state that he wishes to. But Raj Thackeray wanted to exploit the 'divide and rule' policy for his interests.
Then one would think as to what more can be expected of a person who couldn't live in harmony with his siblings. If he didn't think for a minute in breaking off from his relatives, would he spare the country.

Wondering what this picture is about? It is the picture of a road that I normally take to my home. It reminds you of a well, right? It did remind me too.
This road was just fine when I went to office in the morning. I drove my car through this road and was happy that my elected MPs are concerned about my country. It was a smooth ride and I loved taking this road because I cared for my car and have never dared to take a bad road. It was drizzling when I went to office in the morning. It drizzled for most of the day that day. But let me assure you it was not like rainfall in Cherapunji. The total rainfall for the day would have been about 1/10th of the rainfall in a normal rainy day in New Delhi. The weather was fine and I was enjoying the weather.
It was a bit late when I left office that day but was happy that I would have a good night's sleep. As I took a turn to this road, I had the shock of my life. My car jumped into a pot hole and came to a halt. I couldnt believe it. When I got out to see what had happened, I was shocked. The smooth silky road in the morning had turned to a disastrous road full of gutters.
I wondered if a slight drizzle could lead to this, what would a heavy rainfall do? What is the quality of work going into these constructions. Poor quality material, inappropriate proportion of mixtures and what not. Everybody from my MP to the babus in the PWD, has to be involved in it, else the condition of the roads would not have been like this.
Are we punishing these people involved in the construction of these roads? If not, why aren't they being questioned as to why a road that is suppossed to last for years deteriorated in just a day, after a slight drizzle. It doesn't happen so, because if questioned there would lots of names that would become party to the corruption.
I once defined "democracy" differently after a similar incident. I feel what I defined out of frustration then is what actually democracy is. Democracy is a confused state of mind, where you feel that you are the master as you ride the chariot, only to find that the horse can pull you down anytime and then you curse yourself for selecting that horse.
But that is what development is all about, my friend.

Ministry of murderers

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It's a pity that the most mineral rich state of the country is in such an agonizing state. In less than 3 months, a third MP from Bihar has been convicted for murder. Surajbhan, an MP and the general secretary to the Lok Janshakti Party, was convicted for murder of a farmer. The other 2 MPs being, RJD MPs Mohammad Shahabuddin (Siwan) and Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav (Purnea).
Just imagine the quality of people we have in politics today. These are the prospective ministers of tomorrow. What is even more surprising is the fact that we citizens of India, elect these corrupt politicians to these positions. It is not new to see a few people setting out on to the roads, setting fire to public property, destroying them and causing inconveniences to others. Such are the citizens of the country. Then electing these murderers to these positions are not worthy of surprize.
Our judiciary was not brave enough to hand over a death sentence to these corrupt ministers, probably because they too, have a soft corner for them.
As responsible citizens of this beautiful country, let us not just vote blindly for these politicians and give them the authority to destroy our country. Today it was the poor farmer who was killed, tomorrow, it could be any one of us.

This would come as a surprise to anyone who knows about Indian politics and Indian politicians. Wondering why? Because we in India are not used to seeing our politicians like this. So what is this surprise all about.

This is about a person who wears white like all politicians do, but doesn't mind stains on it if it comes from hard work unlike other politicians who can only tolerate stains from corruption but not hard work. He is a first-time MLA, elected from the Bussy assembly constituency in the Union territory of Pondicherry, in 2006. He is called, "Bussy Anand" out of love by his people. When this 44-year-old legislator of Puducherry Munnetra Congress is not pushing for schemes, meeting voters or discussing local politics over a cuppa, he's clearing garbage, cleaning clogged drains and spraying mosquito repellent across the town.

Anand began a garbage collection unit of his own about 9 years back, after he was tired of the lack of response from the government. He is still continuing with his social work and spends around Rs. 75000 - Rs. 85000 from his pocket as expenses on this service. One would not wonder at the fact that Congress - the biggest party in India, did not give him a ticket to the elections. Rightly so, because they would not want a person spending money out of his pocket for social causes to be a part of them, because they are there to earn money from the public and not spend on them.

Hats off to this MLA. May God make you the Prime Minister one day.

Blogging has been an excellent medium for interaction between businesses and its customers and clients. Now blogging has reached new heights with even ministers taking to blogging.

So here is our "blogger minister". It won't be surorising to know that this blogger minister is none other than our very own "Management minister", Shri. Laloo Prasad Yadav. This effort of his is worth appreciating because his first blog itself has generated quite a huge response and has a lot of readers commenting upon aspects of the railways that require improvement and attention. In a way this blog would help our railway minister, to gather feedback from the general public, who till a few days back had no means of approaching our dear railway minister.

All said and done, what is worth wondering is the fact that this "blogger minister", Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav, had once made the famous comment 'yeh IT-YT kya hota hai', meaning 'What does this IT-YT mean?'.

But as it is, Lalu is a politician and all politicians and ministers have the right to take a U-turn from what they said. They have the right to refuse, deny and accept. They have the right to say that they were misquoted and misinterpreted. Let Lalu be one of them. Yes, my minister.

This is a killer minister in the UP government ministry. He is a new variety of a killer. He doesn't do things himself, but makes others do these things for him.
One would say that is "great influence". You would probably be right, because that is how this democracy with the most citizens function. Ministers are influential people and they can influence people to do anything. This innocent faced minister also did the same thing.
Jamuna Prasad Nishad is the fisheries minister in the UP government. He led a group of people, we would normally call the "mob", to a police station protesting against the rape of a Nishad girl. It is learnt that our minister provoked the mob to attack the police station and in the mob-attack, a police constable was shot dead. Our minister pleads innocence saying he had no part in the shooting. But what one would wonder is, how and where did this firearm come from in a group that were followers of such a, self-proclaimed nice and clean minister.
Incidental is also the fact that he is the 5th minister to be sacked from the UP ministry, on grounds of murder or, sex and rape. I am amazed at what a ministry this is and what are the quality of minister that we as citizens vote for.

A very homely cheif minister of the state of Bihar was Smt. Rabri devi, wife of Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav. She had no knowledge of politics but in order to save her husband's self-respect she entered into politics and her first achievement - she became the chief minister of the state. I am sure this could happen only in India.

Now this very homely chief minister was given a residence 1, Anne Marg. As homely as she could be, she planted a few trees in the courtyard of this house which was the government's property. The trees grew big and gave fruits. But because our chief minister was homely she could not survive after her 5 year term in the office and she had to consequently quit her residence.

But our ex-chief minister could not forget the trees that she had planted but could not eat the fruits from. So what would you do if you were in her place. You would forget about the whole episode and move on with life.

If you though this is what our homely chief minister did, then you are mistaken. She has ensured that she pester the life of the new chief minister living in this house for the fruits borne by the trees she had planted and our new chief minister had no choice but to heed to her demands and send her a basket full of "litchis" and "mangoes".

It was a very funny way of protesting. The government had declared a hike in fuel prices a day back and as always the opposition had to oppose it. It was indeed their birth right to do so and by the very meaning of their name - Opposition, they had to oppose it. What is funny here is the fact that the opposition in this democracy has only one reason to oppose. That is to pull the government down so that they can call for a mid-term election and hope that they would come to power this time round.
Now for the actual story. So the ministers in one of these states which was being ruled by the opposition party decided to protest the fuel price hike. These ministers lead by the chief minister decided that they would cycle their way to the state secreteriat. The healthy and fit chief minister rode the bicycle and kept his commitment. But there were quite a few ministers from his cabinet who were not that unfit. They started off with quite a bit of excitement but later realized that "Hard-Work" is not meant for them and that they would die without that air-conditioned cars that they normally travel to office in. This gives me a reason to wonder how these ministers would understand the pain faced by the common man.
So what started off as a protest finally ended as a protest to the protest. The fizz was to such an extent that the Panchayat and rural development minister Rustom Singh got off his bicycle and complained: "What will be the outcome of this? Nothing will come out of us riding bicycles." He started walking with his cycle.
The bicycle ride became a painful ride for the security personnel who had to push the bicycles that the ministers were riding.
Why did you have to do something that you were not capable off, my dear ministers? But if you decided you want to do it, probably you are right because you can never be wrong. Yes, My Minister.

This is the story of minister who was arrested for bribing an officer of the investigating agency to negotiate the decision on a murder case. Now what murder case would be the next question. Yes, of course, this dear minister of ours was a party to a murder about 8 years ago, the investigation of which is still on. And our efficient minister wanted to ensure that he comes out of it clean.

The irony of the story is that this minister heads the education portfolio. Just imagine the fate of the students who are being covered by this education ministry. A minister who should be an ideal for the future of the country, was caught bribing an investigating officer. Worser is the fact that the minister had a criminal past. What is worth wondering is, how can a murderer be made a minister of such a respectable portfolio. But what can you say. Our country is a democracy where ministers are never convicted. So if a minister cannot be convicted, then a murderer handling the education ministry is pretty normal.

The climax of the story is that the honorable minister Mr.Borah, was given a clean chit some time back in the year 2001, when the state CID failed to prove his involvement. I have all the reason to believe that the minister would have successfully bribed a few of the investigating officers then also. It was then that this case was handed over to the CBI.

Now if the minister was actually involved in the murder is anybody's guess. The how was he give a clean chit earlier. that is because he is a minister and a minister in India can never be punished.

"Yes, My Minister".

Once upon a time, there was a minister who would push and pull people and then when these people fell down and hurt themselves, he would say that he was trying to catch them from falling.
This is not a boring story of a king and a queen. This is the story of the Agriculture Minister in Bihar, Mr. Narendra Singh. What a minister he is, very efficient and truthful. Efficient to such an extent that when an MLA tried to take credit of the work he had done in his constituency, he pushed him from over the dias. The fall was so bad that the MLA broke a bone in his leg. He is very truthful also. Truthful to such an extent that when asked what had happened, he says that he was trying to stop a quarrel between the MLA and some body else on the dias and the MLA had fallen off the dias in the scuffle. Now so many eye-witnesses said that the minister had pushed the MLA off the dias, but all of them are liars according to the minister.
Now for the history of the minister. This minister is a warrior. He fights for his honor, or, so he feels. If it is honor or, not is for us to decide.
  • A couple of months ago he allegedly pushed an old woman approaching his car with a petition asking for a job to her son on compassionate grounds. The woman broke her hand.
  • About a couple of years back the minister was in the eye of a storm for allegedly manhandling a magistrate who sought to know his identity at the entrance of the state legislative assembly.

One would wonder as to what is the action that is being taken against the minister. An enquiry commission has been constituted who would look into the case and would in a few months let go of the minister. Why? Because he is a minister and a minister can never be punished in India.

"Once upon a time there was a minister who was very fond of his chair."
This is not a story that I am about to narrate. This is one of our dear minister from Karnataka, Mr. H.D.Deve Gowda, who also fell in love with the chair - the chair of power and chief minister ship.
This dear minister of ours was once the prime minister of India. So that would make anyone think, if he can stoop to such low levels. yes, he can because he is just another minister who wanted to make use of the chair of Prime Minister to the best possible effect but had to step down prematurely because the hand that rocked the cradle of the coalition governement then, decided to stop rocking the cradle.
So our dear minister, having lost the powerful chair without really exploiting it to the fullest had to go back to his hometown from where he had started. He had actually held another powerful post (and consequently the chair) in this very own state of his for some time before he chose to leap to the even powerful chair. But this time when he came back he was even more powerful and became the King-maker in the state, probably because nobody pushed him or, recommended him for the chief minister's post, or, so I thought. But the truth was that the intelligent minister had plans of bringing his next generation - his son, into the business of politics. So he did. He finally made his son a chief minister.

It was then that he realized that his son was not very powerful so he played a smart game of chess, by suspending his son from the party and then helping him make a coalition with another party - the BJP, and then came the climax. H.D.Deve Gowda, pulled back his hands and the party that jumped into the well assuming this "Chair Minister" would hold them, fell into the well with a loud thump.
Now after a few months the assembly elections happened and our dear wanted-to-be-chief minister found that he and his party was routed and thwarted by the public. Alas! the "Chair minister" is now without a chair. Poor H.D.Deve Gowda.
"Sir, you said you now want any chair - be it a wooden or, iron one.Oh! I understand".
"Yes Minister".

There is a very good dialogue in a good hindi movie, where the villian politician asked the hero of the film, "Have you heard about a politician being convicted in our country for any crime till today?" The hero of the movie doesn't have an answer. This is particularly true in India, where our ministers are out of the purview of the law. They can murder, threaten, extort money and do what ever they want and still get away.
About a decade back the favorite minister of India, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav was involved in a "fodder scam". The scam shook the country and from the little that I still remember, because I was very young to understand these things then, the scam was such that the money spent on the fodder for poultry was so much so as to feed a hen about 1.5 kgs of fodder daily. So that meant that Lalooji had such huge hens that ate more than their weight, in one day. That would sound strange to anyone. So if the money was not spent on the fodder, then where did it go?
Lalooji was framed for the scam but our brave hero came out scratchless, only to become the railway minister. Then there was a change in story.
Railways became a profit making organization from a loss bearing organization that it was before our dear Lalooji came into it. And our hero, Lalooji became the most talked about manager in the country who could even turn the world upside down. He would any day beat the best management gurus in the world, hands down. Such was the fame of Lalooji that many b-schools from the world called Lalooji to deliver lectures and teach their students. A few students from Harvard University even came down to India to have a conversation with Lalooji.
I am not surprised at all this. Because I know what Lalooji would have done. He would have taken a few points from what he did in the fodder scam and would have implemented it in the railways. What else could a corrupt minister do?
Or, are there a few brains behind the success who are being denied of their due share just because Lalooji has claimed all the limelight? No one knows.


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This blog is about politics - when I say politics, I do not intend to contest an election and become a politician one day. But "Yes My Minister" is about everything that a politician is about. If you wish to spend some time watching humor, you would not have to choose the television. Just pick a politician of your choice and carefully listen and observe everything that he does. Your humor recipe is ready. This very politician of yours could also serve you the daily dose of action packed drama and horror.
So why would you want to fall back onto something else when you have this one, all-in-one entertainment channel called the 'politician' at your own service.
So my blog is about politics. Now if you ask, Why Politics? I would have only one answer to it. Because this is the only place where my frustration has to be contained within myself. So I thought why not vent it here and thus give a chance to a few of my friends also to do the same.
So here I start by saying "Yes My Minister".