What was the reason for this Verdict in the Election 2009?

As the World's largest democracy went to vote in the past 2 weeks, there were quite a few news, highs and lows to be seen.

While the electronic voting machines showed the sophistication that the elections in India have undergone, the polling officers still seemed to be from the same old Harrappan Civilization.

There was a drive all over to get people to vote. Various campaigns in the media kept pushing people to exercise their right of voting, so that they have a right to crib over issues that they were dissatisfied with. But many of the voters had a question in mind. What do I do, if none of the candidates in the fray could impress me?

There certainly was an answer to this question. The Indian Constitution provided its citizens, the right to forego a vote under section 49(0). There was a set way of doing it and quite a few people also, knew about it.


But the polling officers were absolutely unaware of it. They went on to question people who asked them about exercising this option, as to what they were talking about and that they were not talking sense. A few of the voters were even pressured to vote for one candidate. People who resisted were asked to leave and they left. The others who succumbed to the pressure voted under influence.

Election Commission, if you are hearing, please train your polling officers.