What was the reason for this Verdict in the Election 2009?

Talk about relationships in politics!! You might be wondering as to what relationships have got to do in politics. You are right. Relationships are a distant reality in politics. Once somebody takes to politics, he/she is a politician. He/she can then never be a brother or, a sister or, even a mother or, a father. Family quarrels then become a public spat and are used as a source of mileage to enhance the political image.
Take for example the case of Sanjay Dutt and Priya Dutt. Their father Sunil Dutt was a man of principles. he was a union cabinet minister and held posts like that of the Sports minister. He never compromised with his principles and was looked upon as an ideal for any young politician. If that is the case what is it that you would expect out of his children. The same ideology and principles, right? But how is that possible if the children have friends like that of Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh Yadav?
Priya Dutt took to politics after the death of her father and joined the Congress party. She was doing well in her career as a politician till once fine day when her brother Sanjay Dutt decided to join politics. He probably had different ideologies and hence decided to join the Samajwadi Party. But that was a decision of his and he should have had complete freedom to decide which party he wants to join.
Suddenly once fine day the news channels show a furious Priya Dutt passing some comments on her brother and the next day her brother retaliating. The remarks then take an ugly turn when these two accuse each other of not respecting each other even at home. Sanjay goes to the extent of saying that his sister has never respected his wife Manyata. The next day comes a controversy over using the maiden name, when Sanjay questioned the use of Dutt as the last name of Priya.
Doesn't such issue happen ine our homes as well? But do we take it to the public? The story is different here. This is politics.
I wonder how they would manage the country when they are unable to manage their own homes.