What was the reason for this Verdict in the Election 2009?

Citizens in a democratic country is not free of villains, rather I should say they are surrounded by villains. Most of these villains are the ones who were made to protect the citizens of these democracies. Politicians, police, and now the Judiciary.
I wonder why is it that we call this a democracy. Probably because we have the right to ask and they have the right to deny. The Judiciary has always been playing the villain but till date they were playing a passive role. They only ensured that no politicians or, people with power were punished, thereby paving the way for these unpunished criminals to harass and humiliate the innocent citizens of the democracy.
But now they have decided that enough is enough. They felt that they now had to come to the forefront and show their power.
That is when the Chief Justice of India issued an ordinance challenging the RTI Act. They said that the officials in a Judiciary do not require to furnish information sought under the Right to Information Act because such information could compromise the security of the country.
Worth a laugh, isn't it?
This is probably how terrorists made a mockery of the system in the Mumbai terror attack.
This is how terrorists set-up the serial blasts in New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Jaipur.
And this is precisely how the terrorists set-up the local train blasts in Mumbai.
Isn't it?
Hasn't the security of the country been compromised till date? Is it because of some information that a Judiciary official has divulged?
What security information would the information on the assets of a Chief Justice of the country have?
Difficult to understand, isn't it?
But our Chief Justice feels so.
Then the judiciary came out with a libel ruling. Bloggers will be responsible for any comments that involve hatred or, communal remarks on their blogs.
So henceforth I need to control the expression of somebody else. That is freedom of expression. Isn't that moral policing?
Why should we be penalising only the Sri Ram Sene?