What was the reason for this Verdict in the Election 2009?

What is the easiest way to become famous and ensure that you have all the support in the world - support good enough to get you elected from your constituency even if you had no chance of winning?
If you do not know the answer to this question then ask Varun Gandhi. The other son from the Gandhi family who has been writing poems for the past few years suddenly learn the formula of getting instant fame on the political scene in India, more so when the Lok Sabha elections were so close and he had to contest the election from a Constituency where his mother used to contest from till about some time.
The learned son of Maneka Gandhi, who is an animal activist, suddenly realized that human beings were not as worthy of animals and went out on a hatred speech in Pilibhit, a constituency in UP. Congress had earlier fielded a strong candidate from this constituency belonging to the Muslim Community. (They blame other parties of being anti-secular and they play a very smart game of doing that the diplomatic way). Varun Gandhi knew exactly what to do. he knew he had to woo the hindu vote bank there which was the only way of winning the elections. So there he appeared in Pilibhit as the savior of the Hindus and delivered a strong inflammatory speech with statements like, "any hand that is raised on the hindus - Varun Gandhi will chop it off". Probably he felt that he was the next avtar of the Vishnu.
But the Election Commission felt otherwise. They filed a case and an arrest warrant was issued against the young Gandhi. Varun Gandhi again knew how to use this to his benefit. He made a public appearance and courted arrest in full public view, thus garnering a few sympathy votes and quite a few followers. Finally he has learnt the dirty art of politics.
Was this speech required? Am I really bothered about things that Varun spoke to about in his speech? Probably I am not, but there are yet others who are bothered, I guess.
Politics, today is dirty indeed. The Bharatiya Janata Party garners support by being anti-secular and by promoting Ram and Ayodhya. The Congress party garners support by acting secular which they are not. It is just that they are smart enough not to make a public stageshow of anti-secularism. Yet others there in the meantime keep changing loyalties.